Intelligent Ventilation

Intelligent Ventilation

NG together with Barcol Air conducted technical seminars in Kuwait, Dubai and Abu Dhabi in September 2017. Mr. Maged Louis presented very informative insights to the waste of energy due to pressure dependent ventilation system, using the traditional manual VCD’s.

Seminar was attended mainly by consultants and their response was positive to the suggestion of a pressure independent ventilation system. Study shows that manual dampers are used to balance the fresh air distribution, which is independent of external wind factor. The system loses the air-balancing when the wind pressure create positive pressure on the northern façade and negative pressure on the south façade, causing migration of air through the FA duct.

This result in cooking smells, smoke and even transmission of air related sickness. Added to this, the waste of energy, which is billed to the land lord. The solution is ‘convert into a pressure independent fresh air distribution using CAV in place of manual VCD. Or VAV can be used with CO2 sensors for office applications.

The same PI VAV or CAV can be used to calculate the energy or BTU in the fresh air supplied to each tenant. If the FA usage is billed to the tenant, this will create awareness which will reflect in the usage reduction and thus saves money in general and happy tenants as well as the landlord.
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