BRADY Eneregy Services, NC USA

BRADY is one of the US leading energy engineering companies. They are extending their energy services to the customers in the middle east. NG & Brady has partnered to offer a very innovative service VEM (Virtual Energy Managers) to provide cost effective high quality energy audits, by the US team of energy engineers, including ecm (Energy Conservation Measures). Virtual energy engineering services to improve the performance of your facility and thus save substantial money. We help you to save the staggering utility bills. Especially now at a time, we are witnessing sudden rise in energy tariff. If energy consumptions are not controlled, the rising energy prices will eat into the profits. Property owners have good news. Highly experienced US energy engineers can look into the usage pattern of your property and the current equipment behavior and suggest various ways to manage your energy usage better and efficient. For the last 15 years, Brady team in the US have partnered with customers in the US and saved millions of dollars. Similar energy advises can be extended to the customers via virtual and remote analytics of building performance data.

Our ultimate goal is to connect the performance of your facilities to your business results. Results as a service. The design engineers, energy engineers, lighting experts, and the project developers in our team use a consultative approach to understand your facilities as well as your business objectives to produce results that enhances facilities management as well as saves millions.

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