Parking Guidance
  M4 Smart-Sensor System

Park Assist from NY USA are the manufacturers of the state of the art Smart Camera based Parking Guidance system. This is the next generation Parking Guidance system, using Camera based smart sensor. In Dubai, all major malls such as Mall of Emirates, Diera City Centre and Mirdiff Mall have replaced the ‘existing’ outdated ultra sonic based parking guidance to Park Assist camera based sensor system. This upgrading from outdated ultrasonic sensors is mainly due to the numerous benefits to the customers, as listed below.

1. Large visible parking guidance system. See attached pictures. You can view the empty parking slots from anywhere from the parking.
2. The camera not only detect the car space, but also provide “Find your car”. Help the customers to spot the car.
3. Video Surveillance digital back up will trace ‘HIT & RUN’ or ‘scratch and run’ cars. Spot the offenders.
4. Parking usage patterns and various valuable information, car park allocations, tariff based on usage pattern, spot, priority and so on.
5. Security related analytics
6. Energy Savings - demand based control of ventilation and lighting.
7. People counting, Foot fall analysis, HVAC integration.
8. License Plate recognition (which is not available for sensor based)
9. Cost effective and 80% less cabling and conduit Future proof technology

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