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Barcol Air is the leader in Pressure Independent VAV system. 100 % manufactured in The Netherlands, Barcol Air has implemented their VAV technology in more than 60% of prestigious projects in the region. Barcol Air continue to be the only European made VAV manufacturer and known for the quality of the product and services. NG Global is exclusive “centre of excellence” for Barcol Air Air distribution products in the Middle East and in India and we have installed over 150,000 VAV boxes fitted with controls. We are proud to state that we have an impressive customer satisfaction report, insisting on Barcol Air VAV boxes for all their projects.

It was NG Global who changed the marketing approach from a catalogue selling sheet metal box to a “dynamic air delivery box’ by single source of VAV fitted with controls. It was NG Global who influenced the clients and consultants to specify BACnet VAV in the region, fully fitted with open protocol controls with single responsibility of a working VAV system. This reduced the procurement and installation hasles otherwise faced by customers in sourcing VAV and controls separately from 2 different vendors. Thus made it simple to buy a ‘Plug & Play’ VAV system.

Barcol Air is pioneers in Induction VAV boxes which maintain a constant air flow at the outlet even on minimum primary air turn down, without using fan. Barcol Air is proud to have installed induction VAV system in most of the prestigious head quarter buildings in the middle east. Induction VAV is highly energy efficient device that fits well for Leed certification and green building compliance, since inducton is achieved by Jet flow diffusers (without the use of electric powered fan).
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