Landis+Gyr Germany – BTU Metering

Landis+Gyr GmbH is one of the world’s largest meter manufacturer. Known for the top level metering solutions for smart metering for industrial, commercial and residential heating and cooling applications. NG Global is the sole “centre of excellence” for Landis+Gyr cooling meters in the Middle East and in India. NG looks after the successful business of Landis+Gyr by a a team of factory trained L+G engineers, providing technical support to the customers. NG has expertise both in troubleshooting the meters as well as AMR and billing Advance software. NG has implemented over 200,000 Landis+Gyr meters in the region, ensuring that the customers are happy with our service support as well as they get the value for money. NG also provides after sales service support, periodic validation of the meters and billing.

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